Purple Walls

  I am standing in the middle. Four walls enclose around me. The are filled with triumph and victory and sacrifice. Memories of moments in history. Moments captured in their finest moment. These moments, to each with their own personal story. From record setting performances to the essence of greatness at its very pinnacle, these stories will be passed down for generations. 

    On these walls captured are the moments of The General, Ray Lewis. There was nothing like being there live to see the raw moment of the famed "Last Dance." From the live event taken is a few photos encasing the moment frozen in time. The "last ride" reached its pinnacle with the victory in Super Bowl XLVII,. Can see Ray hoisting "greatness" high above his head! Oh and we will not forget our first triumph in Super Bowl XXXV. Pose of MVP Ray Lewis in action and celebration! 


    On these walls captured are record setting performances by Jacoby Jones and Ed Reed. Both share a record in yardage of 108. Jones most recently in Super Bowl XLVII when, just after a blessing from Ray Lewis, took the second half kickoff with blazing speed to a record score. Reed, back in 2008 against the Eagles at home, took a Kevin Kolb pass from the back of the end zone. Raced down the sideline, dodging his way to glory. 

    On these walls captured are several incredible combacks! First there was the comeback in Pittsburgh. Flacco to Smith and....... incomplete!!! Flacco to Smith once more, and....... TOUCHDOWN! TOUCHDOWN RAVENS!!! What a comeback engineered by Flacco and the famed 96 yard drive in enemy territory! Them there was one of the best games you will ever see! On a snowy day in Baltimore, just over two minutes remaining. Ravens and Vikings trading touchdowns until Flacco connected with Marlon Brown in the back of the end zone! TOUCHDOWN RAVENS!!! Lastly, there wasMonday Night Football in Detroit. On a night where Megatron showed anything but mega, there was born, Legatron. With the game on the line, "Tuck" said " I got this." With a sweep of a leg, the ball flies thru the air. Just over the uprights, i screramed " He got it!" 61 yards!!! Tucker wins the game!!! 


    On these walls captured is the raw passion that unites us all. That's why, forever more, these will remain purple walls.

- Josh Murr